Las Tapas



Plato de Aceitunas Casero
house mixed olives 5

baked eggplant, roasted garlic, velvety tetilla cheese, toasted bread crumbs 10

Patatas Fritas
spicy potato chips, pimenton, rosemary salt 5

Almendras Fritas
fried Marcona almonds 6

Pan con Tomate
baguette, plum tomato and roasted garlic spread, sea salt 6 add jamon 2

Patatas Bravas
baby purple and red bliss potato medley, spicy tomato sauce, garlic alioli 9

Coles de Bruselas
shaved brussel sprouts, oregano oil, pistachios, golden raisins, crème fraiche, balsamic 12

Croquetas de Queso de Cabra
goat cheese croquettes, grains of paradise, atomic red carrot, smoked buckwheat honey 9

Tortilla Española
potato omelet, caramelized onions, garlic alioli 7

Piquillos Rellenos
young smoky idiazabal cheese stuffed peppers 8

Remolachas y Mitibleu
pickled baby beets, mitibleu, lambs ear lettuce, marcona almonds, orange supremes 11

Pimientos de Padrón
blistered green peppers, coarse sea salt 9

Coliflor a la Brasa
braised cauliflower, manchego beschamel, figs, hazelnuts 11

Esparragos a la Plancha
grilled asparagus, pomegranate alioli, lemon zest, pomegranate arils 9

Ensalada Calabaza
warm butternut squash, queso Leonora, arugula, pumpkin seeds, anise vinaigrette 13

Alcachofín Asado
baby artichokes, scallion ashes, cipollini mignonette 12

oven roasted oyster mushrooms, herbed sherry reduction, truffled granola 11




Sepia a la Plancha
grilled cuttlefish, arroz negro., nora pepper romesco 13

Croquetas de Bacalao
bacalao croquettes, caper berry alioli 10

Boquerones y Alubias
white and black anchovies, northern bean spread, sweet pearl onions 10

Pulpo Gallego
baby octopus, guindilla salmorejo, arbequina olive smashed potatoes, albarino glaze 14

Bonito Tuna Bocadillo
preserved bonito tuna 'sliders', romaine heart, whipped shallots, clementine alioli 12

Gambas al Ajillo
classic Spanish garlic shrimp 12




wild boar shoulder, cured spicy chorizo, saffron fideus  single 12 double 19

Buñuelos de Jamón
serrano ham and manchego cheese fritters, pimenton alioli, green tomato relish 10

bacon wrapped dates stuffed with a chorizo goat cheese emulsion 9

meatballs, grated mahon, thick tangy tomato red pepper sauce 11

Pollo Bucco
chicken 'osso bucco', lavender ajo blanco, hibiscus, grapefruit 14

Cansalada Asado
slow roasted pork belly, roasted fennel, sage butter, porcini confit 15

Chorizo de Buceo
house-made sausage, rosemary cream, red lentils, wilted spinach 14

Bocadillo Bisonte
bison sliders, queso oriol, white truffle alioli 12

grilled skirt steak, mustard green verde, brandied onion marmalade 16

Pato a la Plancha*
duck breast, pickled honeycrisp apple, purple cabbage, arrope 18

Costillas de Cordero
baby lamb chops, smoked pimenton  yogurt, charred raddichio, young leeks 18


Quesos y Embutidos de España

Plato de Jamón Serrano - aged 18 months 13

Selection of three below for 15
Each additional 4

Madurat Catalonia-pasteurized goat/soft
Garroxta Catalonia-pasteurized goat/semi-firm
Idiazabal Basque-raw sheep/firm
Monte Enebro Avila-pasteurized goat/soft
Mahón Curado Menorca-pasteurized cow/firm
La Peral Asturias-pasteurized cow/semi-soft
Tres Leches Cantabria-pasteurized goat, cow, sheep/semi-hard
Miti Cana Murcia-pasteurized goat/soft
Uno Año Manchego La Mancha-raw sheep/semi-firm

Chorizo Picante-spicy chorizo
Salchichón de Vic-dry salami
Lomo- cured pork loin
Morcilla- blood sausage


Tapas Tradicional

house-mixed olives, fried Marcona almonds, Jamón Serrano, and Urium Fino Sherry 15



Misha Ryklin, Chef
We only serve locally raised, free range organic meats.
Please make your server aware of any food allergies or sensitivities before ordering.
*Please allow additional preparation time for these dishes